By Ed Martin, Editor
Joe Simonson
Joe Simonson

The Leader was told last week by sources that longtime Recreation Director Joe Simonson was placed on administrative leave by Lemoore City Manager Andi Welsh. Welsh declined to confirm that it was Simonson who was placed on leave in a phone call to her office on Monday.

“He is out of the office for an undermined period of time,” Welsh told The Leader. When asked if the person on leave was Simonson, she said she could not confirm it.

The Leader also contacted Lemoore Chief of Police Darrell Smith who declined to talk about the issue, referring any questions to the Lemoore city manager’s office.

Lemoore council members are also somewhat in the dark. Lemoore member Eddie Neal said he heard from sources within the city that Simonson was placed on leave. Neal expressed faith in the city manager’s office to take care of the matter.

“I have great confidence in our city manager,” said Neal. “She’s looking at what’s best for our city.”