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Lemoore Dentist Amy Coeler
Lemoore Dentist Amy Coeler

If you have ever considered whitening your teeth, now may be the ideal time, because the unique program, “Smiles for Life” is currently underway in the Lemoore area, and longtime local den

tist, Dr. Amy Coeler, is partnering with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Valley to help bring the program to the Lemoore area.

Through the “Smiles for Life” campaign, Coeler is helping the organization raise the funds needed to launch a Big Brothers and Big Sisters program in Kings County.

This is the 18th year that “Smiles for Life” has given back to local charities through participating dentists throughout the United States.

Amy Coeler (center) and friends.
Amy Coeler (center) and friends.
Big Brothers and Big Sisters Photo

“I am so honored that Dr. Coeler and her staff have chosen us as their non-profit to help with their fundraiser. We have been working hard to raise the funds necessary to bring the program to the Lemoore schools and with her help, we will succeed,” said Executive Director Diane Phakonekham.

For every teeth whitening, a portion of the proceeds goes to the organization of the dentist’s office choice.

“This is the fourth year that my practice has participated in “Smiles for Life.” My team and I believe that this is the best way that we can "do good" for our community” said Coeler.

“Creating great smiles is what we do every day. Why not use our talents and gifts to help right here in the community that we love? It seems to make perfect sense to us. This year Big Brothers Big Sisters seems to be a great match for us because they are ready to have a stronger presence here in Kings County. We would like to help them with that goal. There is a lot of need for their help. We are excited to see what happens over the next few months,” said Coeler.

Big Brothers Big Sisters has already been in discussions with the Lemoore School District about bringing their program to the area. “We are very excited about the community support to bring Big Brothers Big Sisters to the youth of Lemoore. You can never have enough positive influences available for young boys and girls,” said Lemoore High School Superintendent Debbie Muro.

Additional supporters of the program have worked closely with the district and the organization to ensure that residents understand the impact this will make for not only the children, but the community as a whole.

“I firmly believe investing time and energy in our youth is key to the well-being of a community. Big Brothers Big Sisters has proven record of success and results. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with this program and look forward to our community partnership in this worthy endeavor,” said Lemoore City Council Member Ray Madrigal.

“Smiles for Life” goes through June 30. To schedule your appointment to help a child contact the office of Dr. Amy Coeler at 559-924-9716 between the hours of 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.