From West Hills College

The Spring 2016 issue of West Hills Magazine is now available online. The sixth issue of the magazine focuses on student success and the stories of students throughout the District who have overcome obstacles to reach their goals.

It also showcases the dedication of West Hills staff and faculty to providing students with the best possible educational experience both in the classroom and out whether through fundraising for scholarships or providing learning experiences.

“Inspirational,” said Dr. Frank Gornick, West Hills Community College District Chancellor. “That is one word I would use to describe this issue of our West Hills Magazine.”

This 32-page issue features everything from the story of Rodolfo Rodriguez, the son of farm workers who is now working on his PhD, to an inside look at West Hills College Lemoore’s LIFE Program, which helps train future teachers by giving them an opportunity to work with students at local elementary schools.

It also features a diverse array of student success stories, including the story of mother and son Tami and Garrett Shannon and how they achieved their goal of graduating from WHCL together, the achievement of West Hills College Coalinga student Alex Avalos in attending an international summit in Switzerland to compete against mobile application developers from around the world, and the tale of three girls who loved Disney and—by attending WHCL—now are living their dream of working at Disney Land and Disney World.

Also highlighted are several West Hills programs including the dual credit program, which allows high school students to take college classes and earn their associate’s degree while still in school, and the Associated Degree for Transfer program, which streamlines the pathway for West Hills students from community college to a four-year school.

Events that contribute to student life and the campus culture are featured, including the annual Club Rush at WHCL, the growing Century bicycle ride at West Hills College Coalinga, and a disability awareness event at WHCL.

Finally, the increasing need for graduates who are well versed in math and science and the dedicated efforts of West Hills’ faculty to meet that need is examined.

The magazine is available online on the district’s website and printed copies will be mailed to donors and friends of WHCCD. Printed copies will also be available on each campus and at the district office, local chambers of commerce, and libraries.

A link to the magazine is on the district’s homepage at For a direct link to the magazine, go to: The online version includes an option to download a PDF copy of the magazine.