By The Leader Staff
Rob Isquierdo
Rob Isquierdo

One of the founders of Reestablishing Stratford, and the Library for London founder, Rob Isquierdo, a teacher at Sierra Pacific High School on Thursday, Nov. 11, was awarded the Ethnic Minority Leadership Award at the California Teachers Association Human Rights Awards ceremony organized by the Tulare-Kings Service Center Council.

Isquierdo was nominated for this award based on his community non-profit work in London, California with the creation of London’s very first library and for his work in the Kings County community of Stratford as co-founder of Reestablishing Stratford.

Both organizations are designed to improve these small struggling rural unincorporated valley communities.

Isquierdo was nominated for this award by his local union Hanford Secondary Education Association which recognized Isquierdo’s efforts in his communities as well as the classroom, where Isquierdo in an English teacher in the Sierra Pacific Business Academy.

“My goal and duty is not only to prepare my students to be college and career ready but also to be civic-minded individuals who are willing and able to serve their respective communities,” said Isquierdo. “My hope is that my community work will inspire tomorrow’s leaders to establish themselves in society then give back to their communities.”

Reestablishing Stratford is the brainchild of Isquierdo and Ramon Chavez, both of whom see a bright future ahead for their tiny community.

Isquierdo, a Hanford teacher, was inspired by Chavez, whom he saw building a basketball court in an abandoned building for local youth to use.  He thought more could be done to improve the lives of Stratford residents. He approached Chavez and told him how much he respected what he was doing.

The two got together and came up with the idea of Reestablishing Stratford. With a little help from The United Way, which is helping guide the two in their quest for an IRS non-profit status, the two hope to get the funds needed to be successful.