By Ed Martin, Editor
Lemoore City Manager Andi Welsh remains on administrative leave, the result of an action of the Lemoore City Council on January 11. Councilmembers are likely to discuss the action at their Tuesday night (Feb. 7) meeting during a closed session.

The council’s agenda lists several items which may pertain to the city manager, including items pertaining to public employee evaluations and discipline/dismissal.

At their last council meeting on January 17, councilmembers appointed Lemoore Police Chief Darrell Smith as the interim city manager.

February 7 City Council Agenda

In only the second full meeting since the reorganization of the council in December with two new members, councilmembers have a full docket to consider Tuesday night, including a discussion about the city logo and business card proposal, and investment and quarterly financial reports.

In an earlier study session, councilmembers will get a first look at proposed utility bill and water conservation policies, the Lemoore Volunteer Fire Department’s annual report and an amended fire department handbook.

City staff will present suggested policies to implement and perhaps streamline the billing and water conservation policies. Staff is also requesting direction on the possibility of adding a third day of watering – currently residents are allowed two days.

The Lemoore Volunteer Fire Department also issued its annual report which listed a total of 1,641 calls for service in 2016, including responding to 18 structure fires and eight vehicle fires. They also responded to 1,392 medical events and participated in 55 community events.

The city’s staff will report back to councilmembers its research regarding the use of the city logo and business cards. At the January 17 meeting, new councilmember Holly Blair requested the use of the logo for her business cards, which she indicated she would pay for. She wants her cards printed by a union shop printer.

In a memo from the city clerk, Janie Venegas, she reported that there may have been a written policy at one time, but a search for a record of that policy was fruitless. In her memo, she suggested that the City of Lemoore could adopt an administrative policy which clearly defines the use of the logo and the printing of business cards.