Supervisor Candidate Edward Neal
Supervisor Candidate Edward Neal

As a service to our readers, we’ve asked various candidates for a variety of county-wide offices to respond to a set of what we believe are relevant questions. We think it is the public’s right to know the backgrounds and thoughts of those who intend to serve the citizens of Kings County and Lemoore.

Can you give me your full name and age and marital status, children?   

Edward “Eddie” Neal, 49 years of age and happily married to Myeisha Neal with children.

Where are you from originally? Schools attended, including high school, college, post-graduate law degrees, etc.?

I am amongst the third of five Neal generations in Lemoore. I attended Lemoore area schools and graduated from Lemoore High Class of 87’. As a rancher, I went to college and earned a welding certification. I considered a career in law enforcement, and I also earned a PC832 certification.

Your career, including your jobs. How long have you been an elected official? Elected when, how many times, and where? Jobs you’ve held, other vocations?

I settled on a career in deep water submersible oil and gas offshore drilling. I worked as a roughneck in the Gulf of Mexico for 16 years. I also worked for Lemoore’s Parks and Recreation Department and was a part of the staff that remodeled the Candlewick Center into the now Rec. Department.  I have worked alongside my father in ranching, real estate, and ministry of the gospel most of my life. I was elected to office in 2012 as a city council member. I currently serve as Lemoore’s mayor pro-tem, more publicly known as the vice mayor.

Why are you running for the Kings County Board of Supervisors?

I am running for change. I see so much potential in Kings County. Specifically, District 1’s Stratford has some of the hardest working people in Kings County living there. Being elected to the board of supervisors officially seals my partnership with Stratford families to provide clean drinking water, increase sales tax revenue, recreation, and improve their county presence. District 1’s Lemoore requires some road improvements, and more support with agricultural issues, mainly water.

Achievements? Awards or honors?

My greatest achievement, award, and honor is my family. I have accomplished a lot in my career, but I am most proud of my family.  My wife was elected to the Lemoore Union Elementary School Board, and she is my campaign manager and advisor. She is an awesome wife and passionate mother.  My children are good students. They love education and student government. My wife and children love Kings County as much as I do. We work hard together to serve Kings County. We are truly Team Neal.

What in your opinion are the major issues facing Kings County residents now and in the future? What must be done to ensure Kings County is successful and meets the demands of the next few years?

I have advocated for Kings County across the United States as a Kings County Representative of the California League of Cities and vice chair of KCAO. We have many great things going for Kings County, but we need some immediate changes. The elections office need better counting machines, our public safety officers need resources, the county lacks a recreation department, our corrections, and court departments require attention, and our smaller communities have great needs. We also need to establish pond and recharge basins to aid our agricultural communities as well. My goal as a supervisor is to collaborate with existing board members, department heads, and Kings County residents to resolve these issues.

Final thoughts?

I have learned in all my years of leadership that working together is the best way to accomplish anything. As a board member, I will uphold the vision, mission, and code of ethics of Kings County. I will work hard with the existing board members to uphold Kings County’s fiscal position and continue the positive direction of our county.