U.S. Representative David Valadao
U.S. Representative David Valadao

Congressman David Valadao has taken $500,000-plus in farm subsidies—still, he complains that “burdensome government regulations” have stacked the deck against his dairy farm (now in receivership). Strike one for poor management of one’s personal budget.

Valadao says he’s “been working on [immigration] for five years”—but he has not one thing to show for it. Further, when asked about immigration reform by a constituent farmer at a 2017 public forum in Fresno, Valadao fumbled his reply badly, resorting three times to the phrase “it’s complicated.” (Though it’s hard to believe, it’s on tape.) Strike two for getting nothing done on one’s own signature issue.

Strike three comes in the form of a better candidate. TJ Cox runs a business that has brought “make or break” funding, in the form of federally-awarded tax credits, to projects that improve public life in the district—new or expanded health clinics in Mendota, Parlier, Fowler, and Sanger, and a “Farm of the Future” at the WHCC campus in Coalinga.

California’s 21st Congressional District is one of the poorest in the nation. Can it really afford to continue electing a favorite son whose strongest asset is that he grew up there?

Valadao's subsidies:


Valadao quote: “burdensome government regulations”

Valadao quote: “working on [immigration] for five years”

Valadao quote: “It’s complicated” KMPH Town Hall on Agriculture and Labor; hosted by KMPH April 13, 2017 (minutes 28:00-30:00)

TJ Cox’s CDE projects


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