Representative David Valadao votes on health care hurt valley residents

Representative Valadao wants us to forget about his votes to cut and eliminate health care for hundreds of residents of his district. His vote will cut health care access to healthcare for 99,000 by 2020. Hospitals will see cuts too. For example, Adventist Medical Center could see cuts of $96 million.

Kings County and Congressional District 21 needs a congressional representative who will fight to fund health care services in our county, not slash them.

 In contrast, TJ Cox has a proven record on health care. His work has resulted in investments of over $20 million that brought health care to communities across the Central Valley that provide healthcare for roughly 43,000 households and created over 700 local jobs.  He is someone who knows how to bring investment money for projects and jobs even without being part of the government.  Think of what he can do for us in Washington.

Medicare is also at risk as Valadao, and his friends, fight to find money after the "tax scam" which will give great tax breaks to the wealthy but will cut Medicare by $800 million to the 58.5 million people in theUSwho are on Medicare.

Please don't tell me that David Valadao is a nice guy.

That's not nice David Valadao.   That's not right David Valadao.

Because TJ Cox delivers on healthcare, I’ll be voting for TJ Cox on November 6th.

Barbara Hill