Since the 2016 election when our nation's own intelligence agencies agreed was absolutely affected by Russian disinformation campaigns on our social media, they showed support for party over country including myriad Trump campaign officials now either in prison, indicted, or facing prosecution for illegally acting as foreign agents and tax fraud.

They and their supporters continue to chant, "lock her up" despite a growing laundry list of criminality in their own party while stirring partisan passions, demanding allegiance to the same and amazingly, spreading further disinformation toward the 2020 elections.

Our regional Republican delegation to Congress, past and present, are all party to this culture of nonsense through either their active participation or complicit silence, undermining our Constitution at every turn in deference for political gain while risking our nation's security to Russian oligarchs doing the bidding of one former Soviet KGB leader, Vladimir Putin.

Now the party of Trump are filling their money pit to support Republican former House member, David Valadao - an alleged direct beneficiary of foreign money via GOP PACs aligned with indicted Russian money-man, Lev Parnas. They now push to help Valadao as their guy, even though during his previous terms, he'd accomplish little for his constituents beyond doing the bidding for his party; even though those (tax) policies hurt the very people who voted for him in the past.

That is why TJ Cox deserves to stay in Congress as our representative, having actively pursued equitable water, health care, education, and immigration policies, which directly benefit folks here in the Central and South Valley.

The choice is as clear now, more than ever that our nation's democracy is surely at stake in the 2020 elections. We cannot and should not allow misinformation and dark money to skew voters into apathy or worse, voting against their best interests. Let's not repeat the mistakes, but instead vote for those who we know will serve with our best interests in mind, not for the benefit of foreign interests, or worse.

Stephen Tarr