Lemoore has to grow. The city has a perfect piece of farmland adjacent to West Hills College to expand. The Navy says no! I visited Google Earth and I saw the base runways are the typical NW, SE configuration.

I believe the Navy houses about 7,000 people less than a mile off the flight path and within two miles of the runway. The proposed development is six miles from the end of the runway and roughly the same distance from the flight path. I am pro-Navy, but I do not think this (housing) development will have any effect on the base’s operations. So, why not sign a deal with the city for no closer encroachment beyond this development.

It would be beneficial for both the city and the navy!

I’m wondering what the Navy was up to Tuesday evening? While playing cards with my grandchildren on the deck, I saw numerous jets fly over the city. I am surprised that the base’s leadership would resort to such tactics.

Charles Osterland