By Ed Martin, Editor
Helena Agri-Business is likely to relocate to Lemoore say local city officials.
Helena Agri-Business is likely to relocate to Lemoore say local city officials.
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Lemoore city officials announced Monday (December 7) that a longtime agricultural business, currently based in Hanford, would shut down operations there and relocate to Lemoore. Lemoore’s city manager, Nathan Olson, told The Leader that the city is in the final stages of an application process that will likely bring the Helena Agri-Enterprises, LLC to the Lemoore area.

“I know they had to do a relocation, and I just don’t know how logistically that worked or didn’t work out. They couldn’t find the right location. I had heard several years ago when Costco went in that they needed to relocate, and I reached out to them about two years ago, and at the time, they said they had found some property in the county along the rail,” said Olson. “We didn’t presume anything, and then we re-engaged in 2020, and we’re real close to getting their final application.”

Olson told The Leader that Helena's relocation would be great news for Lemoore and Kings County residents, saying the relocation of Helena will ensure that jobs and taxes will remain local.  Upon final project completion, Olson added that Helena would be one of the largest retailers in Lemoore.  “They are about a $40 million retail company,” said the Lemoore city manager.

Helena Agri-Enterprises, LLC, is headquartered in Collierville, Tennessee, is one of the foremost agronomic solutions providers.  In the U.S., Helena markets and sells products that improve agricultural productivity for greater customer returns, including supplying seed and seed treatments, fertilizer and applications services, crop protectants, financial services, and precision ag services.

Helena also has its own line of products through Helena Products Groups, including adjuvants, crop protection products, fertilizers, crop production products, and seed treatments.

Across the country, Helena has close to 6,000 employees who work in over 500 branch locations and division offices.

Exactly where Helena will relocate has not been revealed, but it apparently will be near railroad tracks, presumably for the transportation of products and deliveries.