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Hanford's Alexis Ramirez wins big in Junior Olympics
Hanford's Alexis Ramirez wins big in Junior Olympics
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Eighteen-year-old Lexus Ramirez of Hanford is a fighter, and she has big dreams, the biggest of dreams. The talented young lady, the daughter of Yaneth and Alvaro Ramirez, first put on a pair of boxing gloves at the tender age of eight, and she’s been lacing them up ever since.

And after ten years, the talented Hanford East High student has delivered the goods and may just be going places – maybe the Olympics?

Some credit for Ramirez’s success had to go to her uncle, Flavio Perez, a boxer who saw something in Lexus he liked and became one of her coaches. Dad Alvaro also helps coach his daughter, while mom Yaneth has taken on the all-important manager’s role.

Her big dreams?

For starters, the “big” goal indeed is to attend the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris, France, where she can compete for a coveted gold medal, the ultimate in amateur athletics. And, judging from her most recent accomplishments, a trip to Paris could very well be a possibility.

Her Olympic goal is no false dream. The resolute young lady recently returned from the Junior Olympics Summer Festival, held this year in Wichita, Kansas,  where she stood out among her peers in winning a coveted gold medal.

“She’s the first female boxer in the Valley to come this far,” said Mom Yaneth. “My brother, who is Lexus’s coach, was a boxer. He was the one who got her started.“  she said. 

Yaneth Ramirez told The Leader that her daughter’s Uncle Flavio was a former boxer. “He’s been coaching her, and between him and Lexus’s dad, they’ve been coaching her since she was eight. She’s 18 now, and she’s had the same coaches for the past ten years.”

Her uncle and father must have been doing something right because the young Hanford lady keeps winning, something she’s been doing since she first put on a pair of boxing gloves. “When I saw my cousins do it when I was eight years old, I wanted to box,” she said, recalling that she watched her cousins box and decided that she might like to try it.

After a while, she indeed decided she liked it and decided to stick with it. She won her gold medal in Wichita, fighting at 110 pounds. She vanquished three opponents in her quest for the gold medal.

One of her fights was a unanimous decision. One of the fights was against a 26-year-old boxer.

Lexus with Alvaro Ramirez (father and coach) and Flavio Perez (uncle and coach).
Lexus with Alvaro Ramirez (father and coach) and Flavio Perez (uncle and coach).
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“I think her opponents were challenging at some point, but I think for Alexis, we know she was ready to compete,” said mom Yaneth. “She’s done a lot of training for the past three or four months just getting ready for this tournament, so I knew that my brother, her coach, and her dad and myself, we knew she was ready for competition.”

Lexus has three brothers: Alvaro, 15; Mauricio, 8; and Luciano, 5. The newly minted gold-medal winner isn’t saying if she spars with any of her brothers.

What does Lexus like about boxing?

“I like the competition,” she said.

Lexus is no slouch when it comes to the rankings. She was ranked No. 1 in three of her previous weight classes and no.1 in her current weight class (110 pounds).

She has 46 fights under her belt and lost 10 of them.

Next up for Alexis is the December Nationals in Lubbock, Texas. “She was invited from the USA team,” said Mom.

If she does well in Lubbock Lexus, she could be invited to join the USA team and prepare for a potential role in the 2024 Olympics. There is a USA team that does international competition, and they pull from there for the Olympic team, said Yaneth Ramirez.

Is Lexus looking for Olympic glory?

“I want to try and make the team,” said the 18-year-old boxing sensation. Lexus added that she would need to work hard to achieve her dreams, telling The Leader that it takes training and the desire to win.

“Boxing is hard, and you have to be dedicated to it,” said Lexus. “Especially if you’re a female boxer.”

“A lot of people didn’t believe in me, but my family did,” said Lexus. “It’s hard to be a female boxer, she admitted.

Does Lexus think she has the tools and the desire to win a gold medal in Paris? “Yes,” she said confidently without hesitation. “It’s going to take dedication and the support of my family and coaches.”

Her ultimate goal?

“I want to become a pro,” she said confidently.

While she has big dreams, her intense training keeps her focused. But keeping her edge and her focus on winning takes work - lots of it. It often includes morning runs and hours of practice, working on footwork, and punching.

But she does it, guided by a family that believes in her ability and her desire to be successful in the world of boxing. 

Hanford 's Lexus Ramirez is a local female boxer with dreams of gold! Talented fighter wins Junior Olympics Gold Medal