By Ed Martin, Editor
Rudy Salas with Lemoore Fire Chief Bruce German and local officials and friends.
Rudy Salas with Lemoore Fire Chief Bruce German and local officials and friends.

Kings County’s assemblyman, Rudy Salas, recently delivered about $8 million in public safety and infrastructure funds to Kings County communities, including on Monday (Sept. 26) a $2 million check to the Lemoore Volunteer Fire Department for new equipment that supplements the department’s existing equipment.

Lemoore’s all-volunteer fire department, which protects its 26,500 citizens (one of the largest city populations protected by a volunteer department), was in dire need of additional equipment. Salas was on hand Monday morning in Lemoore, where he delivered a check to Lemoore Volunteer Fire Chief Bruce German.

It was funding very much needed by the department. German said it would go towards purchasing an air supply truck with a built-in air compressor. Why is that important? It turns out a truck with a built-in compressor will allow firemen to fill air bottles on the scene rather than send firemen back to the firehouse to refill them.

“We want an air supply/rehabilitation truck. It has a built-in compressor where it can fill our air bottles on the scene. Right now, we’re actually filling our bottles in the back of one of our personal vehicles and bringing it back (to the station) and filling it up (and then returning to the fire scene).”

“That is my first priority,” he added.

German said that the fire department has been writing letters to the state for the last several years asking for funding from either Salas or Senator Melissa Hurtado. But because of the Pandemic, there were no extra funds to upgrade the fire department. However, he told The Leader that in July, he was notified that we would get much-needed $2 million to upgrade their equipment.

Assemblyman Rudy Salas returns to Lemoore with $2 million for fire department

Salas has worked hard to assist Lemoore and Kings County with their public safety needs. “Over the last ten years, I’ve been successful at bringing millions of dollars to Kings County,” he told a small crowd adjacent to the Lemoore Volunteer Fire Department station. The local assemblyman was responsible for helping to fund a new dispatch center in Lemoore and most recently provided funding for a new Kings County Sheriff’s Department headquarters, which celebrated its housewarming only recently.

“It’s part of my job,” said Salas speaking to local firemen, city employees, and local citizens. “How can we make a difference,” he asked. “Most taxpayers want to see their tax dollars come back to my community. Now, we can have a truck with lifesaving equipment, and that’s good for the community.”

Salas also visited Kettleman City, where he presented a ceremonial check for $6 million to Kings County community leaders, law enforcement, students, and teachers to celebrate the historic investment to complete a new pedestrian bridge.

The idea behind the bridge was to provide safe access to the school by using a bridge to cross Highway 41 as students walk to school.