By Ed Martin, Editor
Brittany Graham's children's book recently published on Amazon.
Brittany Graham's children's book recently published on Amazon.

One could argue that the spouse of a U.S. Navy aviator while raising two kids - an 11-year-old and a nine-year-old – can be challenging, particularly when the husband, a Navy commander, is regularly out of the house, and more specifically when he’s piloting an FA-18 Hornet off the USS Abraham Lincoln in some far-off location halfway around the world.

However, Brittany Graham, the spouse, managed to deal with her husband’s (Hall Graham) routine absences in her own way. She decided to pen a children’s book, a tome she began several years ago and just recently published entitled I had forgotten.

The book can be found on Amazon at:

Or you can just visit Amazon books and type in Brittany Graham, which is what I did.

“I wrote the book about seven years ago while my kids were little and my husband was deployed,” remembered Graham.  “Finally, through the amazing internet, I was able to find a talented illustrator and finally got the book published. And I wanted to share it with the local community.

“I've already reached out about donating copies to the local libraries and wanted to spread the word.”

The inspiration for the book came from her two sons, Jack, 11, and Will, 9. “It’s a little rhyming book, and it’s about the little magical wonders of childhood,” she said.

A few years ago, when her kids were younger, she found it difficult with her husband deployed. “I had a hard time being a single mom at that time,” she told The Leader. “I started to focus on the things they (children) were interested in, so little things like digging for worms, blowing bubbles, swinging on the swing set, and those things helped me realize how magical childhood is, and it helped me get through that deployment.”

He was deployed on the USS Abraham Lincoln. “He was gone for about nine months.”

Which lately is typical for deployments. Hall is currently a Navy commander and is a member of VFA-137.

“I get incredibly emotional when my husband is deployed, and I started to feel a lot of things we were missing. So, I just sat down and put my feelings on paper.

Graham claims Alabama as her home but met her future husband in Atlanta, where the two worked in advertising. He decided to join the Navy and learn to fly, and she joined him in his quest.

NAS Lemoore aviator spouse, Brittany Graham, writes a children's book and publishes the volume on Amazon