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Island Property Protection Association calls for April 12 meeting at Island School

An important meeting of the Island Property Protection Association (IPPA), a voluntary neighbor-to-neighbor association for the protection of life and property for the community of the Island District, has been scheduled for Wednesday, April 12, at 6 p.m. in the Island School Cafeteria.

The IPPA is a non-assessment organization that the community activates when a natural crisis has occurred or might occur, and neighbors are called upon to support those requiring assistance.

The meeting’s agenda will include the following.

I. The consensus of those present is that IPPA should be activated.

II. Set up subgroups of volunteers.

            A. Organization and deployment of volunteer resources.

            B. Levee and leak surveillance.

            C. Communication and alert notification plan.

             D. Website management.

             E. Local government coordination.

III.  Information dissemination.

            A. How to get property elevations?

             B. Current call and contact list for help.

            C.  in case you cannot make the meeting.

Many elders in the Island District community have faced the forthcoming flood crisis various times, including in 1969 and 1983. In 1969 the community formed the IPPA " Island Property Protection Association.” IPPA is volunteer only, with no assessments or fees, based on the organization. Its mission is simple, "IPPPA's mission is dedicated to the protection of life and property for the community of the Island District."

IPPA does not replace the local agencies that work for public safety. The Association, when activated, forms a neighbor-to-neighbor effort to work with each other and the local agencies to manage the crisis and help those in need. There is no question that there will be challenges and damage during this period, either from a levee break or the extensive amount of seepage from such high flows. Either of these scenarios will require assistance in relocating people, animals, and personal property. 

Much has changed since the 1969 and 1983 crises in that now communication and technology will allow for more, quicker surveillance of impending leaks, breaks, and appeals for help. This technology will make response times quicker but will not replace the basic need for volunteers to answer the call when given.

Even though information resources will be more accessible now, it is imperative that the mission of IPPA stays focused on the readiness for action in the areas of surveillance of dangerous and possibly preventable breaks and to have volunteers that will respond to the call for help by their neighbors.

For that reason, the activation of the IPPA is scheduled for April  12th at 6 pm at the Island Union School cafeteria. Please spread the word, as nothing is more important than family and community.