Lemoore council members will be asked at Tuesday’s regular council meeting to create a “Council Liaison,” the idea the brainchild of Mayor Billy Siegel to keep council members and the public of important daily business proceedings.

It’s unclear how this liaison would keep the public and the council informed.

Under Siegel’s plan the council liaison could be any council member or a member of the public who resides within the city limits. The liaison would be informed of any important meetings related to city business and the council liaison may attend and participate in the meetings with the city manager.

The liaison would not speak for the council as a whole, bind the council to any decisions, give direction to staff or to the city manager. It is proposed the liaison may be reimbursed for out of pocket expenses in connection with his or her duties.

Council members will be required to adopt an ordinance to make minor changes to the Lemoore Municipal Code.