Following on the heels of a letter of support for the expansion of the hazardous waste landfill at Waste Management’s Kettleman Hills Facility written last year to the Environmental Protection Agency, the Lemoore City Council will consider at its Tuesday meeting another letter of support to the Department of Toxic Substances to grant needed permits for the continue operation and expansion of is landfill operation.

In May, 2012, the Lemoore Council sent a letter to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in support of the expansion of the B-18 hazardous waste landfill at Waste

Management’s Kettleman Hills Facility. Waste Management is now seeking approval from the Department of Toxic Substances Control to grant necessary permits for the continued operation and expansion of its hazardous waste landfill.

The expansion is necessary because the facility is nearing its allowable capacity. A Draft Environmental Impact Review (EIR) was prepared in 2008 and subsequently revised, recirculated, and amended, as shown in Waste Management’s website:

 Waste Management has been an integral part of Kings County for over 32 years. It is one of the County’s largest employers with approximately 90 employees from Lemoore and the surrounding communities. Information gathered from its website boasts that when operating at its normal capacity, economic benefits to the local economy total $17.5 million each year through payroll and the purchase of goods and services, while nearly $3 million goes directly to the County General Fund.

Waste Management argues that the Kettleman Hills Facility has proven to be a safe facility. Waste Management states that the facility has undergone rigorous State oversight to determine any health or environmental risks to Kettleman City or the surrounding communities.

The findings indicate that the Facility’s risk levels were well below the benchmarks set by the State and Federal agencies.

Waste Management is asking that the City of Lemoore show its support again by approving a letter to the Department of Toxic Substances Control in support of the proposed expansion, as written or amended.