A group of BMX enthusiasts is attempting to get a long defunct Lemoore sport back on track in Lemoore and wants the city’s help. In the ‘80s Lemoore had a thriving BMX (Bicycle Moto Cross) that for several years was popular and drew racers from across the country. The earlier version of BMX was the brainchild of local doctor, Jesse Liscomb, who spearheaded the effort to get that original track constructed.

Over the course of time, fewer BMX events were held at the former site at 19th Avenue Park and it eventually was abandoned. Only recently the track became the victim of progress as the new 19th Avenue overpass took up all of the property where the track used to be.

Tim Hurley, of Framework Racing, the non-profit group formed to help create a new BMX track was on hand at Tuesday’s council meeting to present councilmembers with a plan to build and fund the track. “This will provide a healthy outlet for the citizens of Lemoore,” he said.

Hurley told councilmembers the initial cost just to open the track would be about $37,000 and that would include costs for fencing, leveling land, electrical and gates.

Framework Racing is recommending at least two possible locations for the track at Idaho and Highway 41. The Lemoore Recreation Commission has been meeting with the BMX group and asked Frameworks to create a board of directors, solicit funds and materials and establish a 501 c 3 non-profit organization.

Hurley presented councilmembers with a slide show presentation outlining the steps his group needed to take to create the facility. While he said startup costs would be about $37,000 he would like the city to fund the initial construction costs at $25,000.

Recreation Director Joe Simonson suggested the initial funding could come from the Recreation Impact budget. There is currently approximately $1.2 million in the budget.

Councilmembers want to see a proposed lease agreement and more information at the council’s next meeting. “We definitely want this to move forward to we might see if this is something we can take action on,” said Mayor Bill Siegel.