Veteran nurse practitioner joins staff of Adventist Health Network

Denise Gruzensky, Nurse Practitioner
Denise Gruzensky, Nurse Practitioner

Denise Gruzensky, a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) with 16 years of experience, has joined Adventist Health Physicians Network and is caring for patients at Lacey Medical Plaza in Hanford.

Gruzensky grew up in Paradise, Calif. Her mother was a nurse and her father a respiratory therapist, so she decided to pursue the medical field as well.

She earned a Master of Science and completed the Family Nurse Practitioner program at University of California at San Diego.

After graduating, Gruzensky was hired as a nurse for Carnival Cruise Lines and received the honor of becoming the cruise line’s first FNP, after three weeks on the job. She and a medical team of three were responsible for the primary care of 1,000 crew members and thousands of guests from around the world. She treated illnesses ranging from coughs and colds and major trauma, such as heart attacks. In 2008, Gruzensky left the cruise line and began working for the rural health center at Feather River Hospital – an Adventist Health hospital in Feather River, Calif.

In her free time, Gruzensky advocates for animals with special needs. In 2013, she published a children’s book called Not Like the Others – Harley’s Story, and is working on a second book. She wrote the book following a personal experience with her dog, which had diabetes.

“The book is geared toward a younger audience because I want children, who have illnesses themselves, to know they’re not alone,” she says.  

Gruzensky may be reached at Lacey Medical Plaza, 1524 W. Lacey Blvd., Ste. 202., with an office number of 559-537-0365.

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