World renowned surfer invents world's first man-made perfect wave near Lemoore

By Ed Martin, Editor
World Champion Surfer Kelly Slater
World Champion Surfer Kelly Slater

According to various national and world news sources, a bit of history was made in Kings County, more specifically, between Lemoore and Stratford where it was announced Friday (Dec. 18) that a world champion surfer may have created the first "perfect" man-made wave.

According to Kings County sources, world surfing legend Kelly Slater, purchased the property on Jackson Avenue, the site of a man-made lake, to experiment with his version of a wave good enough for surfers and obtained the necessary permits to operate a business at the lake.

Just who is Slater? He is an American professional surfer known for his competitive prowess and style and has been crowned World Surf league champ a record 11 times in his career. He also won five consecutive titles from 1994-98. He is considered the most successful champion in the history of the sport.

See video of the man-made wave

Apparently Slater and his team of engineers released the results of their project on Friday, but have kept it hushed up since finishing the project earlier this month. According to Slater, who shared the news on his Instagram account, he and his team have been working on this idea in secret for nearly 10 years.

“This is something I dreamt about as a kid,” Slater wrote. “Through rigorous science and technology, we’ve been able to design and build what some said was impossible, and many very understandably never thought would actually happen.”

There is a video of Slater surfing the man-made wave at the Jackson Avenue Lake site in what appears to be a small lake with the familiar Kings County panorama in the background.

Slater’s team has been very secretive about the site of the world’s first man-made wave only referring to the secretive site as someplace n California about 110 or so miles from the Pacific Ocean.

The implications for a man-made wave could be enormous, from providing thrills at them parks, to being used as a standard wave in the Olympic Games should surfing become an Olympic sport.

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