Hanford woman charged in death of two-month infant found unresponsive

By The Leader Staff
Suspect Veronica Brouwer
Suspect Veronica Brouwer

A Hanford woman has been charged with one count of murder involving the death of her infant two-month-old child.

Veronica Brouwer was arrested and booked into the Kings County Jail on suspicion of causing the death of the child, found not breathing and quickly transported to the Adventist Medical Center in Hanford.

The baby was eventually transported to Central Valley Children’s Hospital where life-saving measures failed to revive the infant, who died on June 23.

It was on Thursday, June 22 that Kings County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to Idaho Avenue where they found the unresponsive two-month baby. Deputies, paramedics and fire department personnel all arrived on the scene and found the infant not breathing and immediately began CPR.

Initial statements taken by deputies at the scene, indicated the infant was found face down on a mattress resulting in possible suffocation. The investigation was turned over to the Kings County Detectives Unit.

Detectives conducted an interview with the parents of the infant and found inconsistencies in their information regarding the events leading up to the infant being found unresponsive in the home. Additionally, no visible injuries to the child were located. 

Detectives determined that the father was not at home at the time of the injury, and detectives began treating the incident as a suspected homicide.


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