Sarah Mooney Museum sponsors second annual 'Cemetery Walk' Saturday, Sept. 29

By The Leader Staff
One of Lemoore's founding fathers, Dr. Loverne Lee Moore. He and wife Ellen will be featured in this year's Sept. 25 Cemetery Walk.
One of Lemoore's founding fathers, Dr. Loverne Lee Moore. He and wife Ellen will be featured in this year's Sept. 25 Cemetery Walk.

The Sarah Mooney Mooney Museum is inviting all history “buffs” and those interested in Lemoore’s founding fathers, to take part in the museum’s second annual “Cemetery Walk,” scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 29.

The museum’s board of directors have scheduled a pair of tours, for 9 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. Tickets are $15 per person and must be purchased in advance at Ramblin’ Rose Florist in downtown Lemoore. For more information, contact Lynda Lahodny at (559) 381-3844.

The Cemetery Walk is an excellent place to discover the origins of Lemoore. What brought the nineteenth-century settlers to the Lemoore area? What were their roots, and what did they do upon their arrival?   Lemoore’s current residents might be surprised at the bravery and heroism of some of Lemoore’s founding fathers before their Lemoore arrival and their innovative, entrepreneurial spirit as they settled into Lemoore life.      

Have modern-day residents of Lemoore ever wondered about the naming of streets, the origins of the post office, or the significant roles that women played in the town’s early history?  The Cemetery Walk might reveal secrets about the occupants of the ostentatious (and only) mausoleum?

Last year’s inaugural Cemetery Walk earned rave reviews as costumed actors portrayed early founders at their gravesites.  Local historians, Bill Black, and Stephen Emanuels co-authored a book about Lemoore and its early founders entitled “A Lonesome Place to Live." They thoroughly researched their subjects.

This year’s event will feature William Scally, an occupant of the mausoleum and the owner and operator of Scally’s Store, referred to as Lemoore’s “Wal Mart.” Other historical figures include Joel Allen Fox, who helped hide and transport refugees along the Underground Railroad before coming to Lemoore.

Other notables include Dr. Lovern Lee Moore and his wife Ellen, for whom the town was named, and Lulu Furnish, who hid children in her home to protect them from the infamous bandit, Tiburcio Vasquez. She also operated a very exclusive millinery shop in Downtown Lemoore for over 40 years. Other notables include Pierpont and Julia Orton, who battled the railroad over property ownership issues and John and Mary Kurtz, community activists who founded the Lemoore Fruit Packing Company.  

History buffs will not want to miss this annual event!   

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