Voters choose wisely, time to restore faith in local government

By Ed Martin, The Leader Editor

Lemoore’s voters have chosen wisely. They have had enough of local petty politics and picked two new councilmembers who will bring to our city a refreshing dose of good old-fashioned common sense – or at least we hope they will.

Ray Madrigal and Jeff Chedester will work hard to restore the people’s faith in their local government. Both are refreshingly honest and truly care about this community. And above all, they will treat the public with respect, something that’s been missing lately.

Voters also passed West Hills College Measure T, which is an indication of how they view their local college. They like what they see, particularly as the Lemoore campus continues to grow and our high school graduates and others see WHC as their first choice in higher education.

With Measure T, the ability of our local college to train and prepare students for a complex economy and world, has been enhanced greatly by the $20 technology bond measure.

Now that the voting is over and the choices made, let’s get to work.

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