West Hills offers unique Reg365 program again as students sign up for three semesters

From West Hills College

West Hills Community College District is continuing its innovative Reg365 registration program, which allows students to register for a full three semesters of classes at one time. Students will be able to register for the summer and fall 2015 semesters and the spring 2016 semester at once.

Reg365 kicked off in April of last year as part of a continuing effort to increase student success and retention and is available to students at West Hills College Coalinga, West Hills College Lemoore and the North District Center in Firebaugh. The program’s first year met with approval from staff and students.

“Our Reg365 was a great success last year,” said Sylvia Dorsey-Robinson, vice president of student services at West Hills College Lemoore. “West Hills Community College District has paved the way for students to realize their educational dreams earlier than before. This unprecedented initiative conveys the importance of the student education plan and our efforts to reduce the amount of time it takes for students to complete their educational goals.”

In particular, the program is an asset for students who have an educational plan. An educational plan maps out the courses required for each degree and allows students to know ahead of time what courses they will need to take each semester.

“Reg365 has been a tremendous planning tool for students, counseling and advising staff to be able to map out a students’ educational plan for the entire year,” said Sandy McGlothlin, vice president of student services at West Hills College Coalinga. “All students benefit from having information on the time it takes for them to complete their academic goal whether they are a basic skills or transfer student. With Reg365, if the student follows their plan without withdrawing from classes or getting substandard grades they may have to repeat, they will only have to access the registration process twice in two years.”

Students with priority registration dates will be notified in April while open registration for all other students begins on May 4.

As in the past, students are required to pay for the summer and fall semesters within 24 hours of registering. Payment for the spring 2016 semester will be due on Nov. 1.

Students can currently view the 2015-2016 schedule online.  Visit http://westhillscollege.com/reg365 for more information.

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