West Hills Coalinga says seven qualified for College National Finals Rodeo

West Hills Coalinga says seven qualified for College National Finals Rodeo

West Hills College Coalinga proudly announces that seven talented student-athletes have qualified to compete in the prestigious College National Finals Rodeo (CNFR) in Casper, Wyoming, scheduled from June 11 - 17, 2023.

"This remarkable achievement reflects the dedication and exceptional skills of our student-athletes, who have demonstrated prowess in their various rodeo events," said Justin Strickland, West Hills College Coalinga Rodeo Coach.

Colby Strickland, the Regional Champion Bull Rider, will proudly represent West Hills College Coalinga, having secured an impressive fifth-place ranking nationwide. Joining him in the Bull Riding event is Brayden Liberio, who qualified as the fourth-place National Qualifier and currently holds the 20th position in the nation. Their exemplary performances have solidified their reputations as rising stars in the rodeo circuit.

West Hills College Coalinga also shines in the Steer Wrestling event, with Owen Redfeairn securing a place as the third-place National Qualifier and currently ranking 23rd nationally. His remarkable skills and determination have garnered well-deserved recognition in this fiercely competitive discipline.

In the women's division, the West Hills Woman's Team has shown exceptional talent and teamwork, clinching the third-place National Qualifier in Goat Tying. Payton Lopez, a remarkable athlete in Goat Tying, also secured a third-place National Qualifier spot, further solidifying her contribution to the Woman's Team's success. Additionally, Pfeiffer Alves achieved fourth place in Barrel Racing, contributing to the Woman's Team's qualification for the National Finals Rodeo. Makayla Farkas, excelling in the Break-Away event, secured a fourth-place National Qualifier position. Lastly, Maddie Biglow exhibited remarkable skills in both Goat Tying and Break-Away, securing the fourth-place position in Goat Tying and seventh place in Break-Away, further contributing to the Woman's Team's qualification for the National Finals Rodeo.

The collective achievements of the WHCC Woman's Team have propelled them to an outstanding overall performance, securing second place in the region and currently holding the commendable 20th spot nationally.

"The accomplishment of the WHCC team and these seven athletes reflects the dedication, hard work, and support of the entire West Hills College Coalinga community, including the coaches, staff, and fellow students who have contributed to their success," said Joe Hash, West Hills College Coalinga Associate Dean of Athletics.

President of West Hills College Coalinga, Dr. Carla Tweed, expressed her pride and excitement, stating, "We are incredibly proud of our student-athletes who have worked tirelessly to achieve these impressive accomplishments. Their passion, dedication, and sportsmanship exemplify the core values of our college. We are confident they will represent West Hills College Coalinga with distinction at the College National Finals Rodeo and continue to inspire others through their outstanding performances."

The College National Finals Rodeo, held annually in Casper, Wyoming, gathers the finest collegiate rodeo athletes nationwide, showcasing their talents in various events. This prestigious event attracts a broad audience of rodeo enthusiasts, sponsors, and industry professionals, providing an excellent platform for our athletes to showcase their skills nationally.


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