WHC students can sign up for another first day of school that begins in October

From West Hills College

While the fall semester at West Hills College began nearly two months ago, students can now sign up for another first-day-of-school that begins in October. No, it’s not a do-over.  It’s the second in a series of nine-week courses offered during fall semester, often called mini-mesters.

The mini-mester courses provide the same amount of instruction, and the same number of college credits, as regular 18-week classes. Content is the same and students receive an equal number of college credits for successful completion.

“It’s a great opportunity for new students whose job or other responsibilities impose a limit on the number of weeks they can devote to study and class time,” said Rita Grogan, Associate Vice Chancellor of Enrollment Management.  “It’s also perfect for current students, offering them a way to add some credits and achieve their completion goals earlier. You can choose from about 70 courses at our colleges in Coalinga and Lemoore as well as the North District Center, Firebaugh. Many courses are also available online.”

There are lots of popular transfer classes available, including Administration of Justice, Business, Communications, Culinary Arts, History, Math, Music, Nursing, Political Sciences, and Sociology.

Career and technical classes include:  Culinary Arts, Nursing, Computer Sciences, Public Speaking, Medical Terminology, Industrial Maintenance and Mechanics.  There’s even a Physical Education class in bowling.

To see a complete list of open classes and to register, go to the college website at:  westhillscollege.com

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