City officials explain state of Lemoore's water to room full of citizens at study session

By Ed Martin, Editor

Lemoore City officials took yet another step in raising water rates when it hosted a “water workshop” during Tuesday’s city council study session, attacting a chamber-full of concerned citizens. City officials sent 6,528 postcards inviting residents to the workshop, which was designed to relate the city’s concerns addressing the ongoing California drought conditions as well as the state of the city’s water system and future needs.

Recently, the city received an Alternative Compliance Order, relieving Lemoore from certain water use reduction measures. The city, due in large part to a number of large industrial water users, was unable to comply with the state’s water mandates and applied for and received an alternative order, which called for a water-rate study.

During the last month or so, city staff has continued to provide residents with additional information about its water system and potential rate increases. The city has established a Water Hotline and sent postcards to citizens inviting them to Tuesday’s workshop.

Citizens will have an opportunity to learn more about the condition of the city’s water system, and the new rates that will be required to make improvements to meet state and federal water quality standards, as well as ensure a reliable supply of water for years to come.

Any water rate increase is also subject to the requirements of Proposition 218, passed by voters in 1997, which requires public input into any pay hike. Should the city received a majority of written protests, any rate hike could be sent packing. 

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