Lemoore High School Choir earns a date with legendary rock band Foreigner

By Ed Martin, Editor
Members of the Lemoore High School Choir during a recent show.
Members of the Lemoore High School Choir during a recent show.
Photo by Bill Burris, Photography for Kings County

Lemoore’s talented choir program will share the stage with one of rock and roll’s biggest bands on Thursday night (March 9) when a contingent of Tiger vocalists joins the legendary band, Foreigner, at the Visalia Fox Theater.

The LHS Choir will join the band members in singing a rendition of their classic “I want to Know What Love Is” on the Fox Theater stage.

See Lemoore's Winning Video

The Foreigner show starts at 7 p.m. The choir will sing just the one song. Just how did Lemoore’s vaunted choir program earn the right to sing with one of Rock’s biggest bands?

They did it the old-fashioned way. Like former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, they got the most votes, but in this case the choir will reap the rewards.

According to LHS Choir Director Dorie Talob, local Classic Rock station 99.7 held a contest for local schools to create and perform in a video, which was posted on the station’s website allowing fans throughout Tulare and Kings County, and apparently, even the world, to vote. Lemoore, after falling a bit behind, eventually won the most votes, earning a stage appearance with Foreigner.

“We received 44 percent of the votes,” said Talob. “The second-place high school finished with 40 percent while the remaining two had 12 and 4 percent respectively. To get votes, we posted our video on YouTube and various social media.

“It started with students and parents sharing the news with family and friends. It went everywhere,” said Talob. “We heard that people in Wyoming, Nevada, Canada, and even Guam were voting for us.”

In addition to performing with Foreigner, the LHS choir will received $1,000, which Talob says she plans to apply to a future performance opportunity.

In all, 18 students will perform. Students from each of the choir classes were chosen to sing: Men’s Choir, Women’s Choir, Advanced Women’s Choir, and the Chamber Singers.

LHS students will also be selling Foreigner CDs at the concert. The proceeds from all sales will go to the Grammy Foundation, which promotes and supports music education through grants to underprivileged schools across the nation.

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