Assembly's Rudy Salas, tireless advocate for his district, has earned another term

By Ed Martin, Editor
Assemblyman Rudy Salas
Assemblyman Rudy Salas

Kings County’s and Lemoore’s residents are fortunate to have Assemblyman Rudy Salas as their representative, and as the slings and arrows of discourse lob back and forth this election season, remember that Salas, in his first three terms has been a tireless defender of his district, and Lemoore.

The seemingly tireless legislator continues to bring home the proverbial bacon to his district. He has earned yet another term as California’s 32nd Assembly District representative. He has delivered.

The friendly and incessant man-on-the-go has been a familiar sight in Kings County, and he has done well for us. A few of his accomplishments:

  • Early in his term, he helped to save local Future Farmers of America (FFA). Lemoore has one of the state’s largest chapters.
  • Secured $15 million in job training grants.
  • He’s worked to bring stability to California’s water systems in disadvantaged communities.
  • Closer to home, Salas secured $5 million for Kings County public safety and helps local students get their school supplies with “Stuff the Bus” drives in Lemoore.
  • He recently joined with Kings County Sheriff David Robinson and other county law enforcement officials in announcing new public safety infrastructure projects, including $7 million for a new sheriff’s headquarters and $1.7 million for the completion of a new police facility in Corcoran.
  • When he’s not “stuffing the bus” in places like Lemoore, he’s hosting senior scam seminars and supports clean air testing at West Hills College or helping under-served communities get access to opioid addiction services.
  • He was in on the ground floor as he joined law enforcement officials in Lemoore in 2015 to announce a $5 million budget appropriation he received, much of which will go to a state-of-the-art dispatch center in Lemoore.

His work on behalf of Lemoore, Kings County, and his district, has been tireless. It often seems that Lemoore is his second home.

We certainly wouldn’t be surprised to learn that he has a home here, as much as the oft-traveled assemblyman seems to be here. And we are impressed with his devotion to his district and his ability to buck his party when politics often get in the way of common sense.

For all of the above reasons, The Leader highly endorses, and agrees, that Assemblyman Rudy Salas has earned, and deserves yet another term as Kings County’s and the 32nd Assembly District’s representative.

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