City seeks restraining order against Blair. Hearing set Jan. 31 in Hanford Court

By Ed Martin, Editor
Councilmember Holly Blair
Councilmember Holly Blair

Following a special meeting held at noon on Jan. 29 in Lemoore City Hall, Lemoore council members, voting 4-0, authorized the “initiation of litigation and filing for a TRO (Temporary Restraining Order) against (Councilmember) Holly Blair."

Tuesday’s brief announcement was the only information available from Lemoore City Hall. The vote to seek the restraining order was 4-0.

This latest action comes on the heels of a closed session announcement on Jan. 15 that council would seek a restraining order against Blair.

According to the Kings County Court web site, a hearing has been scheduled for Thursday, Jan. 31 in Hanford Civil Court at 8:15 a.m. Judge Kathy Ciuffini is expected to hear the case against the respondent, who in this case, is Blair. The petitioner is the City of Lemoore. The city has retained attorney Lee Burdick to argue the case.

What exactly is a temporary restraining order (TRO) and how might it apply in the case against Blair?

According to state law, there are four types of restraining orders:

Domestic Violence Restraining Order

Elder or Dependent Adult Abuse Restraining Order

Civil Harassment Restraining Order

Workplace Violence Restraining Order

While council members and city staff remain quiet about the proposed restraining order, Blair blasted the move and posted on social media prior to Tuesday’s noon meeting that council is attempting to “shut her up" instead of investigating her complaints of police misconduct, nepotism, and government malfeasance, all charges she has broadcast at meetings and on social media.

Blair, in her post, cited efforts to silence her that included police harassment, her censure, false police reports, harassment, and a recall effort. The censure admonished Blair to cease engaging in such conduct so that the Council may “regain trust and confidence in her going forward. It also banned her from all boards and commissions that represent the City of Lemoore.

Tuesday’s City Council action was just the latest in a long line of conflicts with the first-term council member. In August, the Lemoore City Council censured her, citing a long list of transgressions that labeled her as engaging in conduct unbecoming a council member.

In December, when two new council members were sworn in, Blair referred to newcomers and fellow council members Dave Brown and Eddie Neal as terrible. Her remarks may have stemmed from the new members’ refusal to vote for her as mayor pro tem. Both new councilmembers, Chad Billingsley and Stuart Lyons, confirmed that Blair contacted each of them asking for their votes.

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