West Hills College, Lemoore and Coalinga, get good accreditation news

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West Hills College, Lemoore and Coalinga, get good accreditation news

The Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges, Western Association of Schools and Colleges, has reaffirmed West Hills College Coalinga’s accreditation status, and reviewed West Hills College Lemoore’s accreditation, reaffirmed in 2018, verifying that the local community college addressed recommendations made as part of the accreditation reaffirmation last year.

Both colleges were found in compliance after both schools addressed compliance requirements stemming from the initial ACCJC visits in March of 2017, during which representatives visited and reviewed both colleges.

Materials from both colleges were reviewed at a January 9-11 ACCJC meeting.

WHCL was found in compliance and will remain accredited through the remainder of the cycle, with the next comprehensive review coming in the spring term of 2024.

WHCC’s follow-up report was also reviewed as well as information from a report generated as a result of a November 2018 follow-up visit to WHCC by ACCJC. A warning received by WHCC was removed, and the college was found in compliance with standards. Its accreditation was reaffirmed until the next review in spring 2024.

“Accreditation is an important indicator of intuitional health and stability.  The college has worked hard on securing the reaffirmation of our accredited status,” said Brenda Thames, President of West Hills College Coalinga. “We’re delighted to have received confirmation that the time and effort invested in this process has yielded such positive results for the college. 

Dr. Kristin Clark, President of West Hills College Lemoore, added that the college values the input that comes from the process.

“We worked diligently and thoughtfully to comply ensure we meet accreditation standards,” she said. “This is the result of that.”

To learn more about accreditation, visit https://www.westhillscollege.com/district/about/accreditation/

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