Lemoore's 'Better Angels' helped to build bridges in Lemoore, and at least one new fence

By Ed Martin, The Leader Editor
Lemoore's 'Better Angels' helped to build bridges in Lemoore, and at least one new fence

Angels visited us on Saturday, Oct. 5, and one could sense the overwhelming spirituality as our welcome visitors came to perform their heavenly magic. Somewhere, somehow, these heavenly beings heard the silent prayers of this town’s good Samaritans, and God’s spiritual servants, recognizing the goodness in our town, focused their heavenly inspiration on a small backyard on a tranquil and friendly Lemoore street.

The “better angels of our nature” arrived unseen – as is an angel’s nature – to guide the construction of a simple fence on a quiet street in Lemoore on what was a most delightful October Saturday. God, as the proverb so eloquently states, “moves in mysterious ways” as this contingent of Lemoore’s “better angels” came together on a near-perfect day to erect a fence, an angelic monument meant to withstand the test of time.  The end result was a handsome wooden edifice standing proudly in Connie Ford’s back yard.

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This fence is much more than a simple barrier. It is a testament to all that is good about Lemoore, and it represents the spirit of a community that cherishes its neighbors and values goodness and charity.

God moves in a mysterious way

His wonders to perform;

He plants His footstep in the sea

And rides upon the storm

William Cowper

Connie’s simple fence began with a simple question. Recently, while visiting the Hacienda Convalescent Home, where every day, rain or shine, the saintly Ford visits her husband Tom, the victim of a 2011 stroke, she posed a simple query to friends Tom Hernandez and Larry Avila, both of whom just happened to be visiting someone.  

Lemoore's finest angels came together to build a fence.
Lemoore's finest angels came together to build a fence.

The elegant 80-year-old Ford politely asked her two friends if they were aware of anyone who might be able to build her a new backyard fence. Her existing fence had become – over the years – a victim of the weather and Father Time.

Friends, some old and many new, gather to help Lemoore woman build new fence

Hernandez listened and suggested that he might be in a position to help. So off he went, angels trailing, and soon the former Lemoore recreation director convinced two friends, Joe Simonson and Ron Meade, to help. They talked to their friends, including local service clubs and other organizations, and they, in turn, contributed to Connie’s new fence. Soon, enough money was raised to complete the project and bring a bit of happiness to one grateful woman.

The angels’ work wasn’t finished. They whispered in someone else’s ear, and soon, an enthusiastic troop of United States Navy volunteers signed on to help. In all, 45 good Samaritans – and assorted angels – crowded into Connie’s cramped back yard to hammer nails and measure fence boards, and in less than one day, Connie’s new friends completed the fence, a standing testament, built with the help of Lemoore’s finest – and at least a pair of inquisitive angels.

As we take time to reflect on the state of the world, as hunger, poverty, conflict, and uncertainly continue to tear at the fabric of our “good angels,” we can rest assured that there will always remain in our hearts, and in our minds, an innate goodness that will guide us while we face life’s uncertainties.


Lemoore's 'Better Angels' helped to build bridges in Lemoore, and at least one new fence

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