Congressman TJ Cox tackles Valley's toughest issues, including impeachment

By Congressman TJ Cox
Rep. TJ Cox
Rep. TJ Cox

The Central Valley sent me to Washington to tackle our toughest issues, like skyrocketing drug prices, polluted water in rural communities, and the struggling farm economy. That’s why we just passed a bill to bring down prescription drug prices, I introduced two key bills to address our Valley water needs, and I got the president to sign my Family Farmer Relief Act.

They also sent me to Washington to defend the Constitution, because that’s what protects all of our rights and freedoms. Here are the facts: Our president abused his power and used your taxpayer money to advance his own personal interest, and when Congress fulfilled its duty to investigate, the president acted as if he were above the law, obstructing the investigation by withholding witnesses and subpoenaed documents.  

Both of those actions violate our sacred Constitution, which only identifies one remedy for Congress to hold the president accountable. In obeying that solemn duty to my constituents and the Constitution, it is my responsibility to cast votes in favor of both articles of impeachment, for abuse of power and for obstruction of Congress. 

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