Opinion: Lemoore's police and firefighters need public's support for Measure K

By Ed Martin, The Leader Editor
Opinion: Lemoore's police and firefighters need public's support for Measure K

If you can believe in anything during these turbulent political times, particularly in the midst of a global pandemic, believe in the men and women who day in and day out put their lives on the line for the citizens of this quaint, vibrant community.

Our duty and our solemn obligation are to provide our brave and loyal police officers and volunteer firefighters with the tools and the support they need during these turbulent times to combat lawlessness and ensure our volunteer firefighters have the tools they need to respond to any emergency in Lemoore.

The pandemic has indeed taken a toll on many communities in our state and country, including Lemoore. Sadly, there have been cutbacks in city services. But what we don’t need are cuts in our public safety services.

On November 3, just a few short days away, the men and women of the Lemoore Police Officers Association and the Lemoore Volunteer Fire Department are asking Lemoore voters to approve Measure K, a one-percent sales tax that will keep our police and fire department whole at a time when they are the last services left to trim the city’s budget.

The sales tax is likely to generate an additional $1.8 to $2.0 million a year for public safety, funds that will allow the police department and volunteer fire department to maintain critical services for the citizens of Lemoore.

No one wants to see a depleted police department or a scaled-back fire department, especially when we need them the most.

In a time when California’s leaders have reluctantly released more and more non-rehabilitated offenders back onto the streets – and surprisingly, our own community – Measure K keeps our public safety responders in the game, making sure our residents stay safe amid turbulent times.

It’s important to note that Measure K will also create an oversight committee made up of community members who will ensure taxpayers that the funds from Measure K are spent appropriately.

The men and women of the Lemoore Police Department and the Volunteer Fire Department deserve our support. In the words of Kings County Sheriff David Robinson, “They put their heart and souls into making Lemoore a safe place for all of us. It’s time to show our love and support for them – by supporting Measure K."

Robinson is not alone. Former Lemoore chiefs Ken Marvin (who also served as Kings County’s sheriff) and recently retired Darrell Smith also support Measure K, as does Lemoore’s current chief, Mike Kendall.

Lemoore Volunteer Fire Department Chief Bruce German is on board as the city’s 100-year-old fire department says Measure K is needed to maintain staffing, provide additional training, and ensure the department has the up-to-date equipment it needs to keep Lemoore safe.  

All of Lemoore’s citizens must keep Lemoore’s future safety in mind as they cast their votes on or before November 3.

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