The 20th Century: The year is 1920

Editor's note: This is another in a continuing series of snapshots of what Lemoore was like 100 or so years ago. We visited the Kings County Library and took notes from old issues of the Lemoore Republican and Lemoore Leader. Newspapers certainly had a different way of looking at the news. We hope you enjoy this latest installment.

The year is 1920.

Two new concrete bridges are provided for in this budget to cost in the neighborhood of $92,000. These bridges will cross Kings River on the new Lemoore/Coalinga highway which ties into the Sierra-to-the Sea highway out of Coalinga. Part of this appropriation will be to connect the paved Hill Street to the Lemoore/Fresno highway passing out Hill Street by the Gil Clawson Ranch.

When Lemoore bonds itself for almost $100,000 for a fine, permanent improvement such as our paved streets. It is an expensive disgrace to allow portions of the pavement to disintegrate and crumble up from neglect. It was pointed out by a prominent business man a day or two ago that a leaking water main under the pavement almost half a block long is adding to the degeneration of the street.

Lemoore took on the appearance of a highly populated city this morning when pupils began to flock into town for the opening of the fall term of school. Our high school has been a union school of several districts for years, but this is the first year ours has been a union grammar school. The kindergarten classes met in the Alpha Club House.

On Saturday, Nov. 6, the clanging of the fire engine bell followed hard upon the peels of the alarm at 11. The firefighters rushed to the alley back of the Oaks and Fan pool halls where a fire in a barrel was beyond control and the barrel with its waste paper was a total loss of an estimated 26 cents.

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