WHC open registration begins May 5 as students have more options in planning

From West Hills College

For the first time, students face two options when they sign up for classes. They can register for summer and the upcoming fall semester, just as students have for years. Or, they opt into a new program called Reg365, which allows students to sign up for classes a year in advance.

The new program lets students register for summer, fall and spring all at the same time if they choose to do so.

Students assigned priority registration dates began registering for classes last month after class schedules for summer, fall and spring classes were made available online.

“There have been no issues related to the change,” said Keith Stearns, vice chancellor of academic and information systems and registrar. “About two-thirds of our priority registration students are taking advantage of the opportunity, and hopefully more will over time.”  Stearns said the strong response to the program suggests that students see the value in knowing that the second required course in a sequence will be open to them when the next semester rolls around.

It’s all part of a stronger emphasis on retention and completion at West Hills College. Students are urged to develop educational plans with their counselor and map out their courses for two years, which makes it easy to register for a whole year at once.

Students embraced the new registration program at West Hills College Lemoore during the annual Eagle Dayz event held recently. More than 400 high school seniors were able to register for their first full year of college, said Don Warkentin, WHCL president. “It appears Reg365 is going to be very popular,” he said. “It’s going to assist students to complete their educational goals and get through the first two years of college on time and make it easier to graduate or transfer on schedule. It will also save them money in the long run. Reg365 is fantastic”

At WHC Coalinga, more than 200 incoming students recently completed priority registration at West Hills College Coalinga. Sandy McGlothlin, vice president of student services  said the transition to Reg365 has gone well. Financial aid and counselors helped the new students troubleshoot documents to ensure a smooth transition, and there have been very few technical glitches.

Payment is due at the time of registration for summer and fall classes. Payments for the spring semester will be due Nov. 1.

For questions regarding the new registration process, contact your counselor for an appointment or visit www.westhillscollege.com/reg365

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