West Hills to host College Day for up to 250 students on May 22

From West Hills College

West Hills College Coalinga will welcome 250 new students on April 22 for the annual College Day event. The “We Are Relentless” College Day will kick off at 9 a.m. and incoming freshmen will spend the rest of the day working out their class schedule.

The will also learn how to log in to the student portal, taking a tour of the campus and spending time with their counselor. They will also hear from a panel of current WHCC students and learn more about financial aid.

Students will also be able to take advantage of West Hills College’s unique Reg365 advance registration program, which allows students to register for a full year of classes at once.

“The importance of this event is to get the students on the right path with their schedules for the first year and one way we do that is through Reg365,” said Sandy McGlothlin, WHCC Vice President of Student Services. “Reg365 guarantees the students a year’s schedule to enhance successful completion of their academic goals.  No longer will students have to worry about getting into classes if they take advantage of priority registration as these students are doing on April 22nd.  All priority registration students will be using Reg365 and have a set schedule on that day!”

There will also be some fun with games in the gym and a Mexican food lunch complete with fruit ice cream bars.

For more information about the event, call (559) 934-2000.  

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