Congressman Cox responds to Iraq drone strike that killed Iranian military leader

By The Leader Staff
Rep. TJ Cox
Rep. TJ Cox

Kings County and Lemoore’s congressman, TJ Cox, called for President Trump to consult Congress before the United States gets involved in a full-blown war. His remarks come on the heels of the president’s order to kill Iran’s top military leader Qasem Soleimani.

The military strongman, some consider one of the most powerful men in Iran, was killed Thursday, Jan. 2, at Baghdad’s airport when Trump ordered the military to eliminate him with a successful drone strike.

Government officials and elected representatives on both sides of the political aisle - including Cox - agree that Soleimani was a dangerous figure responsible for the deaths of many American soldiers and officials. However, reactions have varied along party lines between Republicans and Democrats, many of whom said that the president should have consulted with Congress before launching the attack.

“In any U.S. military conflict, sailors from Naval Air Station Lemoore and other service members from across the Central Valley will be called upon and put in harm’s way,” said Kings County’s representative, TJ Cox. “For their safety and for the safety of all Americans, Congress must authorize the use of force when a president brings us to the brink of war,”

Cox added that he would fight for efforts that keep the country safe. “But the administration needs to provide clear objectives and a way to get out of these conflicts,” he warned. “We didn’t have those assurances the last time we were drawn into an unending war, and we haven’t seen them this time, either. 

“The president has no option but to consult Congress before he takes any other actions because we must deescalate before this becomes a full-blown war.” 

Soleimani was certainly a controversial figure in the Middle East. He was instrumental in training Iran’s proxies around the region, and his presence in Iraq was especially problematic for United States’ interests there.

Sources say that Soleimani was killed as he planned new attacks against U.S. interests in the region. The Pentagon reported on Friday that it would deploy 3,500 more troops to the Middle East after a threat of retaliation from Iran.

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