Tachi Yokut Tribe hosts inaugural Kids' Classic Horseshoe Tourney Aug. 5

By The Leader Staff
Tachi Yokut Tribe hosts inaugural Kids' Classic Horseshoe Tourney Aug. 5

Kids age four to 17, on Saturday, August 5, will play with a partner in the inaugural Sling’em Kids Classic Horseshoe Tournament, held at the Santa Rosa Rancheria Slough Pits.

Kids will be slinging horseshoes from pit to pit, feasting on hot dogs, otter pops, and cheese puffs.

All the kids will warm up by slinging brightly colored bean bags. The entry fee is $20 for a team of two and includes the hot dog feast. Beginners to experienced horseshoe slingers may enter. Players must be checked in by 9:30 a.m. for a 10 a.m. start.

The Slough Pits are in the Tachi Yokut’s neighborhood about two blocks east of Tachi Palace Casino Resort (17225 Jersey Avenue, Lemoore, CA). Just go to the guard gate, and they’ll direct pitchers to the Slough Pits. 

Contact Frank Arroyo at (559) 239-7668, frankarroyo60@yahoo.com, or Calpitchers.com for more information. Proceeds will be donated to the Tulare Boys & Girls Club.

The horseshoe pitching phenoms, the Begaye children from Auberry, California are coming out to sling shoes. Five-time state champ Hastiin Begaye, age 14, recently finished second in the World Tournament.

Adakai Begaye, age 11, Two-time state champ, recently finished fourth in the World Tournament.  Eben Begaye, age 9, finished eighth in the world for kids under 12. Gavin Begaye Jr., age 7, recently finished sixth in the world.

Arroyo, ranked nationally in the Men’s Top 100 pitchers for 15 years and founder of California Horseshoes, is serving as co-tournament director with Robert Jeff.  Jeff is the vice chair for the Tachi Yokut Tribe and founder of the Slough Slingers Pitching Club. Arroyo and Jeff were a pitching team recently featured on ESPN. The Slough Slingers, under Jeff’s leadership, hosted the west coast’s most extensive and highest-paying tournament, with over $7,000 awarded to pitchers.

“I have two sons that are ages four and five,” said Robert Jeff. “This tournament will give me a chance to partner with both and help them learn the game. It’s going to be a good time, and my kids are pumped about it. It’s a community day focused on kids.”

Tachi Yokut Tribe hosts inaugural Kids' Classic Horseshoe Tourney Aug. 5
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