Local athlete, Lexus Ramirez, seeks success at Olympic boxing qualifiers in Louisiana

By Ed Martin, Editor
Alexis Ramirez heads for Olympic Qualifiers.
Alexis Ramirez heads for Olympic Qualifiers.

Lemoore’s talented female boxer, Lexus Ramirez, an aspiring young athlete who earlier this year earned a spot in December’s Olympic qualifiers to be held in Lafayette, Louisiana, plans to continue her dream of winning a spot on the U.S. Olympic Boxing Team – and of course a shot at Olympic Gold.

The talented 19-year-old boxer, the daughter of Yaneth and Alvaro Ramirez has long had dreams of competing in next year’s Paris Olympic Games. The swift-footed and talented Ramirez was assured of an Olympic Trials spot when the 110-pound elite division boxer won her weight qualifiers in Detroit, Michigan, earlier this year.

Success in December would no doubt guarantee her a spot on the U.S. Olympics’ boxing team. Her overall record in the ring is impressive as well. The talented boxer has 37 wins and 10 losses. 

“She’s been training every day, Monday through Sunday, no days off,” said her mom, Yaneth. Lexus and her parents leave on Dec. 2 for Louisiana in what may be the most exciting trip of their lifetimes.

Lexus likes to keep her dreams within the family. Her boxing coach is her uncle, Flavio Perez, who has been a big part of the local youngster’s success in the ring.

When she’s not sparring, Lexus attends West Hills College Lemoore.

The sport almost came naturally to young Ramirez. Her uncle has been a big part of the young Lemoore boxer’s success, along with her parents, Yaneth and Alvaro Ramirez. It’s clear that the young boxer has a huge supporting cast as she vies for Olympic glory.  

“I felt I had accomplished something in my life for me and my coaches,” she said in an earlier interview in April after winning her 110-pound weight qualifiers in Detroit.

Lexus also told The Leader that she has big dreams. Her intense training keeps her focused, and winning comes naturally by keeping her on edge and staying focused. She works hard, helped by a supporting cast of characters, including her family.

She is no slouch in the ring. The talented athlete won a coveted gold medal in last year’s Junior Olympic Festival, held in Wichita, Kansas. Does she think she can get past Louisiana and win a gold medal in Paris?

“Yes, I’ve worked very hard. We’re working out every day. I leave on Dec. 2 for Lafayette,” said Lexus. One of her workouts includes drives to Porterville’s Rocky Hill, where she builds up her stamina on the difficult running terrain.

She’s done a bit of traveling for her sport. “I went to Colorado Springs for a training camp in June. I was there for three weeks,” she said.

“She’s been training every day, Monday through Sunday, no days off,” said mom Yaneth.

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