Seeking contentment through learning brings happiness and maturity

By Myeisha Neal
Seeking contentment through learning brings happiness and maturity

A wise man once said, “I have learned to be content in whatever state I am in.”  There are so many things in this world which provide contentment.  When I was a small child, my favorite outdoor game was hopscotch.

I can remember the smell of sidewalk chalk as we drew our 10 shapes, the excitement of choosing our game piece, and the anticipation having a turn at the one-legged obstacle.  We learned to be content with the rules, the penalty of breaking the rules, and the outcome of the game as there was only one winner.  And there was a sense of joy and fulfillment that came from the contentment of completing the game unselfishly without condemnation. Hopscotch was a game that taught us girls how to be content as women. We learned to lead a life of joy and fulfillment by contentment through a simple, outdoor game.

I’d imagine that the wise man who learned to be content would say that contentment is a state of being.  To draw a picture of contentment would look like a perfect, orange sunset just over clear, blue water with tall, black, palm trees in the distance. Contentment is peaceful and restful. It is as quiet as the wind yet loud as the color red when noticed. 

It defies age, and can never come by doing others harm. Contentment is a slice of perfection that the rich cannot buy, the poor cannot steal, and the smart cannot place extent. It is a gift and a true reflection of the soul.  Contentment is highly sought after, desired by multitudes, and attainable by those who seek it.  The connoisseur enjoys the bursts of exigency that keeps them grounded in reality.  And the consumer will pay the high cost of choice which determines the state of contentment. 

If every experience is truly a learning opportunity, then one can learn to be content amongst the other lessons learned. Learning may come through life’s opposition and tests. Learning may also come from watching the life of someone else.  And learning may come through traditional education.

However learning may come, everyone can live in a state of contentment. There will be emotions that may be overwhelming at times and circumstances can seem unchanging. And old, ugly habits may rear their ugly heads in the midst of learning. Just as in the game of hopscotch when a player misses their targeted square or when they lose a turn for stepping on a line, individuals who seek contentment will find it once they learn to respond to the events of life unselfishly and without condemnation. 

To learn to be content in whatever state we are in is a true echo of maturity.  Hopefully, we will all acquire maturity as we all seek what will bring us the contentment that can produce profuse joy and fulfillment.



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