City expected to assist Country Club resident with connection to city water system

By Ed Martin, Editor

In May, Lemoore resident Riley Jones, facing a seriously declining water well, asked the Lemoore City Council for permission to hook up to the city’s water supply. The council will consider his request at Tuesday’s council meeting where it will most likely approve a water service connection agreement, allowing him to receive city water.

Included in the process is the city’s help in assisting Jones with the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) process regarding his annexation into the city boundaries.

Jones, who purchased his home on Hotchkiss Drive, resides just across the street from one of the city’s main water lines. His home is located in the Country Club Estates just outside of the city limits.

Jones, who appeared in person before the council earlier this year, told members that he’s drilled at least two wells. In 2013 he was forced to drill a new well “as the original well no longer produced enough water to sustain our household.” It produced only gray water, he said. A third well wasn’t much better. Water proved highly contaminated with iron and very fine silt and sand.

“It is what it is,” Jones said. “I have come to the city council to request emergency hookup to the water main … which is across the street from me.”

City officials also invited residents from the Country Club Estates neighborhood to discuss connecting to city water as well as possible annexation. Due to mixed responses in a follow-up meeting, the city determined that no additional staff time will be utilized to continue discussions with the neighborhood’s residents.

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