City Council gets update on West Hills strategic plan for next few years

By Ed Martin, Editor

The future of the West Hills Community College District is bright, so says a 2016-20 Strategic Plan WHCCD Chancellor Frank Gornick will highlight at Tuesday’s Lemoore City Council Meeting.

Gornick will highlight five strategic goals for the district:

  1. Promote and increase student success, emphasizing educational planning, basic skills and timely completion.
  2. Strengthen the District’s fiscal position by pursuing resource development and increased efficiency while meeting full-time equivalent student targets.
  3. Maximize access to programs and service throughout the region, focusing on all segments of the adult population.
  4. Through the use of technology, increase access to educational programs and services that contribute to student success and strengthen the economic, social and cultural life of its diverse community.
  5. Increase and coordinate Workforce and Economic Development activities that are designed to meet the needs of employers and improve student employment and success in Career Technical Education programs.

Gornick, in a message to councilmembers, stated that this planning process “repeatedly over time has allowed us to become more introspective and innovative.”

He cites as an example, the implementation of Reg365, a unique project that allows students to register for classes up to a year in advance. He also cited a noticeable increase in degrees and certificates awarded, which he says demonstrates that students are indeed achieving their educational goals.

In recent news, USA Today ranked West Hills College as the best Northern California community college based on university transfer rate, student-faculty ratio, and affordability and distance education.

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