City leaders meet jointly to discuss future of Lemoore in regards to planning

By Ed Martin, Editor

Lemoore’s leaders will discuss the future of Lemoore in regards to the updating of the General Plan, as well as zoning ordinances and infrastructure in a special study session Tuesday night (Oc. 20). Both the city council and city planning commission will meet to discuss these issues and maybe others in regard to how they want or expect the city to grow and how they’ll plan for it.

The city staff will lead a discussion on the future direction of the city and how “planning for the increased development establishes a basis with which to develop an impact fee and rate structure to pay for expenditures that support new construction, operation, repair and maintenance of our infrastructure.”

No one is quite sure how this look at the General Plan will cost the city’s taxpayers, perhaps into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, but leaders may argue that it’s important that the city leaders be proactive to reduce or eliminate out-of-date systems, incompatibility, rate structures, and insufficient capacity for growth.

In other action, the city’s Successor Agency to the former Lemoore Redevelopment Agency will conduct a public hearing on a pair of parcels, a former Lemoore resident, Tom Vorhees, wants to purchase for at least $100,000.

Vorhees wants to purchase vacant properties in the Lemoore Industrial Park and will pay $16,447 per acre for the parcels. He also agrees to being building something, though he doesn’t know what yet, on at least one of the parcels within 12 months of the close of escrow. 

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