West Hills College District joins forces with Quay Valley project

From West Hills College
West Hills College District joins forces with Quay Valley project

West Hills Community College District has entered into an agreement with GROW Holdings (Green Renewable Organic & Water) to be a part of their innovative Quay Valley project, a 7,200 acre master planned community in Kings County which could help to provide students with job training, employment and educational opportunities.

Planned as a showcase, sustainable, state-of-the-art community, Quay Valley will feature 26,000 new “smart” homes for an estimated 80,000 residents, the world’s first full scale people-moving Hyperloop transit system, resorts and entertainment opportunities, businesses, the newly established California Institute of Sustainability and Innovation and a University Research Park.

West Hills and the developer are working together to create opportunities for students and faculty beginning with the establishment of a Green Collar Job Training Program for students interested in learning about particular clean-tech and green-tech career fields.

“This presents great opportunities for students in engineering, art, agriculture, communication, construction, education and more,” said Dr. Frank Gornick, Chancellor of the WHCCD. “We are excited about this partnership and we want our students to be involved.”

The project is also scheduled to feature hotels and resorts, up to one thousand acres of permanent agriculture, a winery and vineyard, and an education system that could include up to 20 new schools.

Quay Valley could potentially provide many educational and applied learning opportunities across several disciplines for West Hills students and community members, placing them at the forefront of many quickly-changing job sectors.

According to Gornick, West Hills students and staff would have the opportunity to be involved both in the construction and development of the site and in the finished community through this relationship with GROW.

“We share a vision of developing ways to enrich the educational experience of West Hill’s students as well as members of our surrounding communities through applied educational opportunities and experiences,” Gornick said. 

Preliminary figures estimate that a total of 6,000 permanent jobs would be created for phase one of the project alone, which is scheduled to open in 2019. 

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