Central Valley Mini Stocks gather to hand out season-long awards to top drivers

By The Leader Staff
The Central Valley Mini Stocks handed out its season-ending awards. The top drivers included (L to R) Ryan Doglione, Dan Myrick and Brent Myrick.
The Central Valley Mini Stocks handed out its season-ending awards. The top drivers included (L to R) Ryan Doglione, Dan Myrick and Brent Myrick.
Photo Courtesy CVMS

The Central Valley Mini Stocks (CVMS) drivers and others gathered recently at a private residence to celebrate the 2018 racing season and to hand out well-deserved awards. The big winners, based on season-long racing, were Selma’s Greg Baronian, Coalinga’s Dan Myrick, and Clovis driver Ryan Doglione.

The three placed first, second and third respectively in the championship points race.

The 2018 CVMS Champion Award went to Baronian. His historic 2018 performances saw Baronian win four times at the Lemoore Raceway. He finished second twice during the season. “Baronian was a tough competitor and difficult to beat,” said CVMS President Dan Myrick, who also drives. “As a driver, you have to respect the way Greg conducts himself both on and off the track. He’s a guy that’s hard not to like even though he kicked our butts most of the season.”

In addition to the points championship, Baronian also took home the season’s QuickTime Qualifying Award. Baronian had multiple Trophy Dash, and Heat Race wins to complement his stellar 2018 season.

Myrick finished second in the CVMS championship. He was a multiple winner throughout the year and completed the year with a clean sweep. He managed to win the Trophy Dash, Heat Race, and Main Event during the Lemoore Raceway CVMS season finale.  

Doglione suffered a string of bad luck, including a rollover at Lemoore, but stayed competitive throughout the season.  Doglione won the 2018 CVMS race # 3 at the Kings County Fairgrounds at the Keller Auto Speedway on the Kings County Fairgrounds. Doglione finished second in the race but was awarded the win as the highest CVMS legal car finishing the race.

Fresno’s Brent Myrick earned several podium finishes and improved his stats, finishes, and racing style throughout the season.  Myrick earned the 2018 CVMS Most Improved Driver. Myrick thanked his crew and gave a special thanks to 2017 CVMS Champion Danny Myrick for the driver coaching he provided in the 2018 season.

Scott Glenn, out of Clovis, was announced as this year’s Rookie of the Year.  “Scott’s progression as a driver from the start of the year to the end of the year was cool to see,” said fellow CVMS driver Jeff Durant.  Glenn was also the highest finishing first-year driver in the CVMS points race.

CVMS leadership has been hard at work in the offseason.  The rules package has been reworked to make CVMS inclusive to most all mini stock cars racing throughout California. The 2019 CVMS Race Schedule has also been set and will consist of nine dirt races between Keller Auto Kings Speedway, Lemoore Raceway and an asphalt race at Madera Speedway. 

For more information about CVMS racing, car builds, cars for sale, or the 2019 race schedule, visit the CVMS web page at www.centralvalleyministocks.com or find them at @Central Valley Mini Stocks on Facebook.    


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