Kings County Sheriff will rely on 'common sense' in enforcing 'Stay at Home Order'

By Kings County Sheriff David Robinson
Kings County Sheriff David Robinson
Kings County Sheriff David Robinson

As we wind down this hectic week, I wanted to clarify a few things about Kings County and the Board of Supervisors' direction on Tuesday (03/31/20).

Their direction Tuesday was supporting the State Public Health Officer and Governor Newsom's Executive Order N-33-20 (The Stay at Home Order).

The Board of Supervisors' action on Tuesday DID NOT add any additional orders more stringent than what the State of California has in place.

This directive from the Board of Supervisors came after confirmed reports of people having parties at their personal residencies throughout Kings County the prior weekend and concerns of people not practicing social distancing when they did leave their homes for gas, groceries, outdoor exercise, and other essential needs.

In the direction by the Board of Supervisors this past Tuesday, as outlined in the press release "The specifics of the Order will be ratified next week, but in the meantime, the order limits activity, travel, and business functions to only the most basic and essential needs and to avoid congregating for non-essential functions." Follow the Board of Supervisors' website for the upcoming meetings and agendas.

Please do not rely on social media as your factual basis. 

Go to the official government websites/agencies for the facts and base your decisions on those official sources. Read the details on those government websites to determine what you can and cannot do. 

We are only trying to educate people. There is no violation of the stay at home order for those following the Official Government Guidelines/Rules. If enforcement is necessary, we will start with a common-sense approach such as Education and Verbal/Written warnings; legal action will only occur as a last resort.     

Beating this virus is going to be a team effort. This will not be accomplished by a heavy-handed law enforcement approach, but rather a common sense one.

Some of the Official Government links can be found here:

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