Lemoore City Council Election District C: Frank Gornick, WHC Chancellor, joins the race

Frank Gornick
Frank Gornick

To provide the voters of Lemoore with important information about their candidates for Lemoore City Council, The Leader has requested that each of the candidates take a few minutes during their campaigns to answer a few questions about issues pertinent to the city of Lemoore and how they plan to address or highlight those issues.

Frank Gornick, running in District C, is the retired chancellor of the West Hills Community College District. The Leader hopes that the candidates' responses will help voters make the right choices on Election Day, Nov. 3.

Why are you running for a seat on the Lemoore City Council? Was or is there a specific issue that angered you, that you questioned, or is it simply a desire to serve your community.

The reason I am running is to make our city a better place to live and work. We have great potential that needs encouragement and vision to be BOLD. I would like to be a small part of taking that next step.

As you know, economic prosperity is always an issue for Lemoore. Based on its size and population and Lemoore's proximity to Hanford, Visalia, and Fresno (and other communities), it has been difficult to attract retail business. How would you counteract this disability? What would you do to improve Lemoore’s economic climate?

Currently, we are on a good footing to have an impact on our economy with the interest in new housing in all areas of the city. Our planning needs to be smart, which is to say it needs to be uniform with a consistency of design that shows that we care about the communities that are being built. Consistency is important to prospective residences.

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Name what you feel is a challenging issue or issues that Lemoore may face in the near future: water, jobs, education, police, fire, taxes, etc.?

No question for me. It is water and jobs. The new groundwater regulations (SIGMA) are potentially harmful to the cities with a focus on quality and quantity.

In your opinion, is Lemoore in a positive place right now, or are there issues that need to be addressed that may or may not affect the future of this city?

We are in a good place. We need to manage our opportunities for the benefit of the citizens. Think long term for traffic needs, creative financing, and federal grants to support some of our efforts.

What is the first thing you would seek to change or improve upon if elected?

I want to review the Landscape and Lighting districts and budgets as well as the project list. I want to focus on better lighting on our streets as well as the type of landscaping that accompanies new developments. I also want to get Parks and Rec back in business. They provide an important need for our youth, seniors, and family. Residential Code enforcement is important.

Do you feel Lemoore is a safe community? Why or why not?

Generally, I think it is. However, I want to become more aware of how we are doing on crime with a focus on the types of violations and how we compare to communities of the same size. I would like to hear from the Police Department on this matter with specifics that need to be addressed.

Any final thoughts that may not have been asked, but that you feel is an important issue, program, or need?

Here are my recommendations on the  State Propositions: 14, NO; 15, NO; 16, NO; 17, NO, 18, NO; 19, NO; 20 NO; 21, NO; 22, YES; 23, NO; 24, NO; 25, NO. All of these affect our City.

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