Lemoore City Council Election District B: Mary "Janie" Venegas joins the race

Candidate Mary "Janie" Venegas
Candidate Mary "Janie" Venegas

To provide the voters of Lemoore with important information about their candidates for Lemoore City Council, The Leader has requested that each of the candidates take a few minutes during their campaigns to answer a few questions about issues pertinent to the city of Lemoore and how they plan to address or highlight those issues.

Why are you running for a seat on the Lemoore City Council? Was or is there a specific issue that angered you, that you questioned, or is it simply a desire to serve your community.

I was part of the growth of the City while employed, and I would like to be part of the change as a Council Member. I have a unique perspective as I was employed by the City of Lemoore for over 13 years.  I understand and have actually been a part of the city’s government.

As you know, economic prosperity is always an issue for Lemoore. Based on its size and populations and proximity to Hanford, Visalia, and Fresno (and other communities), it has been difficult to attract retail business. How would you counteract this disability? What would you do to improve Lemoore’s economic climate?

Instead of looking at Lemoore’s geographical location as a negative due to being relatively close to Hanford and Fresno, I propose we look at this as a positive.  We are a short drive for both large cities and accessed easily by two larger freeways.  With that in mind, I will build strong partnerships with the existing Lemoore merchants to address their long-neglected needs.  The proposed increased sales tax does nothing but hurt the businesses and hides the city’s fiscal responsibilities. It is time for accountability.

I believe we can build constructive partnerships in which we can facilitate the local merchants' needs and solicit larger businesses to relocate to Lemoore.  We will also need to revisit some current proposals for expansion to ensure they are fiscally responsible and do, in fact, facilitate sustainable growth.

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Name what you feel is a challenging issue or issues that Lemoore may face in the near future: water, jobs, education, police, fire, taxes, etc.?

We cannot overlook the current political environment in which we are experiencing, and I firmly believe the city must take proactive steps to reflect the city’s cultural diversity as well as increase its communication with its employees and the public to ensure transparency with the hardworking taxpayers of Lemoore.

In your opinion, is Lemoore in a positive place right now, or are there issues that need to be addressed that may or may not affect the future of this city?

Due to the uncertain economic future and in review of the current budget status, I believe the city is not as economically stable as it should be over the last several years, contingency funds have dwindled, and these monies have not been replaced.  Staffing levels are at an all-time low, and quite frankly, the taxpayers of Lemoore are not getting the services they are paying for.

What is the first thing you would seek to change or improve upon if elected?

It is important that the city provide accurate and relevant information not only to the council but to the public to ensure transparency, so there is no doubt the public has the information to provide feedback to the council as to their needs.

Do you feel Lemoore is a safe community? Why or why not?

Most definitely!  Lemoore is a safe community because we have the men and women of the Lemoore Police Department doing their jobs.  Although their hands are tied based on legislation, they still continue to do what is needed to protect the citizens of the Lemoore.

Any final thoughts that may not have been asked, but that you feel is an important issue, program, or need?

Due to events outside of my control that necessitated I continue my employment elsewhere; my heart still remains in Lemoore and I look forward to the opportunity to serve the taxpayers of Lemoore and be part of its rejuvenation.

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