Lemoore City Council Election District B: Ed Martin, 18-year council veteran seeks return

Candidate Ed Martin
Candidate Ed Martin

To provide the voters of Lemoore with important information about their candidates for Lemoore City Council, The Leader has requested that each of the candidates take a few minutes during their campaigns to answer a few questions about issues pertinent to the city of Lemoore and how they plan to address or highlight those issues.

The Leader hopes that their responses will help voters make the right choices on Election Day, Nov. 3.

Ed Martin is the publisher of The Leader, a retired educator and administrator, and a veteran of the Lemoore City Council, having previously served 18 years, eight of those years as the mayor.

Why are you running for a seat on the Lemoore City Council? Was or is there a specific issue that angered you, that you questioned, or is it simply a desire to serve your community?

There are always issues, from public safety to public services. In these difficult times, I think it is important to have leadership that recognizes the immediate and long-term needs of the community, and as a former councilmember and mayor, I feel I’m more than qualified to meet the current demands of the job. I will always be guided by a fierce determination and belief that Lemoore will always have a promising future, and that Lemoore’s citizens deserve more than what they have been getting lately.

As you know economic prosperity is always an issue for Lemoore. Based on its size and population and its proximity to Hanford, Visalia, and Fresno (and other communities), it has been difficult to attract retail business. How would you counteract this disability? What would you do to improve Lemoore’s economic climate?

In 2020, as in 1990, I will promote the general well being of the community and work to create a climate that encourages job growth and respect for local government. During my previous years on the council, we brought hundreds of jobs to Lemoore, and we can do it again by working with our economic development partners to convince businesses – small and large – to open their doors in Lemoore. Growth is also important. As Lemoore grows, so does the need for local businesses. There will come a time – sooner than later – that our town will start attracting larger businesses.

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Name what you feel is a challenging issue or issues that Lemoore may face in the near future: water, jobs, education, police, fire, taxes, etc.?

The challenges are many. With dwindling tax revenue it’s becoming more difficult to provide the amenities Lemoore residents have been used to, clean water, recreational opportunities, jobs, good streets, and sidewalks. These things, and others, should always remain priorities. As a former city council member and mayor, I was part of a solid core of city leaders that addressed many of these problems as we promoted the general welfare of our community, expanded recreational opportunities, created a community college, convinced Leprino Foods to build the largest mozzarella plant in the world to Lemoore, and expanded the Lemoore Industrial Park.

In your opinion, is Lemoore in a positive place right now, or are there issues that need to be addressed that may or may not affect the future of this city?

Times are certainly difficult, thanks partly to a pandemic, but Lemoore’s future is promising. Our community will persevere and prosper if we put our collective heads together, work with our partners, and encourage growth. There are so many sources of funding available. We need to take advantage of those opportunities.

What is the first thing you would seek to change, or improve upon if elected?

During this pandemic, my normal exercise routines have been limited to long bike rides, and as I’ve ridden the length and breadth of Lemoore, I’ve discovered that many of our roads and sidewalks are in need of some tender loving care. That’s just a beginning. I would work with our local state and federal representatives and county officials in seeking grants, funding – whatever we need to benefit Lemoore.

Do you feel Lemoore is a safe community? Why or why not?

Lemoore has been and will always continue to be safe. We have an outstanding police department and an awesome Volunteer Fire Department.

Any final thoughts that may not have been asked, but that you feel is an important issue, program, or need?

I will always be guided by a fierce determination and belief that Lemoore has a promising future, and I will always strive to do my best for this community – as I have since I arrived in Lemoore in 1981, fresh from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.

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